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Dailymotion is a video hosting and -sharing platform, similar to YouTube but based in Paris, France.

Since their website layout was redesigned, the website heavily relies on JavaScript and AJAX/XHR (also known as “extraload” or “extraloading” for YouTube comments), which makes it inaccessible to the Wayback Machine.

Dailymotion's comment feature was removed in 2018[1], making all existing comments invisible. As of May 2019, there has not been any official comment about this removal.

Dailymotion has a sorted index of every video that is available on the platform, which has been at last archived using ArchiveBot on May 10th 2019 (job:3dedmphre3j84gvxtoxr6zn4f).

In 2013, Dailymotion came the closest to its demise due to nearly having been purchased by Yahoo, which would likely have lead to its shutdown regarding the history of Yahoo. However, the acquisition was blocked by the French government.[2]