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DPReview logo
DPReview - 3-26-23.png
URL https://www.dpreview.com/
Status Closing
Archiving status DPoS project In progress..., Partially saved through ArchiveBot
Archiving type DPoS, ArchiveBot
Project source dpreview-grab
Project tracker dpreview
IRC channel #dprived (on hackint)

DPReview (Digital Photography Review) is a website and community on digital photography, founded in 1998.

On 2023-03-21, it was announced that DPReview would shut down on 2023-04-10.[1] Shortly before the deadline, on 2023-04-07, and after receiving a lot of feedback from disgruntled users, they rescinded the shutdown, announced that the site would 'remain available as an archive' in the future and would stay operational while the archival work was going on.[2]

ArchiveBot jobs for the forums (job:bx7denyrzxzvf07qnmwndveog) and the main site (job:36409i8ggu64yms55j33u89kt) were launched, but both got blocked. In any case, these jobs were unlikely to finish in a timely manner.

A DPoS project began in early April.