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== Archive Team recruiting ==
== Archive Team recruiting ==
* [[Dev|Want to code for Archive Team? Here's a starting point.]]
* [[Dev|Want to code for Archive Team? Here's a starting point.]]
Help us: '''[[warrior|☞ Download and run your warrior ☜]]'''.<br>
* Help us: '''[[warrior|☞ Download and run your warrior ☜]]'''.<br>
What's on: [http://tracker.archiveteam.org/ online tracker].<br>
* What's on: [http://tracker.archiveteam.org/ online tracker].<br>
<!--Combined project activity graphs [http://zeppelin.xrtc.net/corp.xrtc.net/shilling.corp.xrtc.net/project_items.html here].-->
<!--Combined project activity graphs [http://zeppelin.xrtc.net/corp.xrtc.net/shilling.corp.xrtc.net/project_items.html here].-->

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Archive Team recruiting

Warrior based projects

  • SoundCloud Archive Team considers the SoundCloud service in danger and, as it hosts a lot of original content, finds it important to prepare to save it selectively
  • Flickr: Yahoo! decided to kill it, now Yahoo has been acquired. IRC Channel #flickrfckr (on EFnet).
  • ftp-gov: Oh, just everything the United States government hosts on FTP. Part of the wider Government Backup efforts. IRC Channel #cheetoflee (on EFnet).
  • NewsGrabber: Saving all news articles. Help with server power or by finding more newssites. IRC Channel #newsgrabber (on EFnet).
  • Ipernity: Partnership talks remain rocky, fate remains unclear through February 2017. IRC Channel #ipfinite (on EFnet).
  • Yahoo! Answers: It's Yahoo. It's been acquired. More questions? IRC Channel #noanswers (on EFnet).
  • PDF 2016: We've been given a long list of PDF files. We'll get'em. IRC Channel #pdflush (on EFnet).
  • URLTeam: URL shorteners were a fucking awful idea. IRC Channel #urlteam (on EFnet).
  • WikiTeam (WARC format): Saving wikis and their external links for the Wayback Machine. IRC Channel #wikiteam (on EFnet).

Scripts only

  • FTP: Download all the FTP sites! IRC Channel #effteepee (on EFnet).

Manual projects

Upcoming projects

Proposed projects

Recently finished

  • Imzy: Twitter alternative created by ex-reddit employees closing down on June 23rd. IRC Channel #archiveteam (on EFnet).
  • Steam Users' Forums: Valve's a bit eager to kill one of the largest vBulletin forums in the world on June 5th. IRC Channel #outofsteam (on EFnet).
  • Eroshare: users' lewds are being DELET'd on June 30th. IRC Channel #nofap (on EFnet).
  • Pixiv Chat: Pixiv's oekaki chat service is getting washed away on June 15th (JST). IRC Channel #savepixiv (on EFnet).
  • ImageBam, imgbox, Sendvid, others: several Flixya sites were set to go down on June 30th, but a shutdown was averted. IRC Channel TBD.

Hiatus / Missed the Mark

  • Vine: Twitter killed the app and left an archive up, but videos likely won't last forever. Project currently on hiatus due to technical issues. IRC Channel #vinewhine (on EFnet).
  • yuku: Lately yuku is very unstable and hosting thousands of forums. Project currently on hiatus. IRC Channel #archiveteam (on EFnet).

ArchiveTeam uses the EFnet IRC network – irc://irc.efnet.org – webchat: http://chat.efnet.org:9090More info