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Archive Team recruiting

Warrior-based projects

Current Running Warrior Project: Reddit
  • Webs: Vistaprint is killing off the Freewebs you knew from the 2000s on March 31 June 30, 2021, unless you pay up. IRC Channel #webbed (on hackint).
  • Periscope: Another Twitter acquisition, another shutdown. This time, its live-streamer gets to join Vine in the bin at the end of March. IRC Channel #microscope (on hackint).
  • URLTeam: URL shorteners were a fucking awful idea. IRC Channel #urlteam (on hackint).

An updated Warrior virtual appliance (v3.2) is now available with better support for newer projects that utilize wget-at. Please download it using the link above.

Scripts only

Manual projects

  • 2019-2021 coronavirus outbreak: Documenting and preserving data, events, and impacts of the virus on society. IRC Channel #coronarchive (on hackint)
  • ArchiveBot: For those with lots of disk space, bandwidth and long-term commitment. IRC Channel #archivebot (on hackint).
  • WikiTeam: Saving wikis dumps (XML). And their external links for the Wayback Machine (WARC) as well as exporting MediaWiki databases. Permanent effort, everyone can help (you choose the size of your downloads). IRC Channel #wikiteam (on hackint).

Upcoming & proposed projects

Recently finished projects

  • Bintray: JFrog is dismantling the software distribution platform used by numerous projects in May. IRC Channel #binnedtray (on hackint).
  • LiveLeak: Suddenly disappearing as of 2021-05-05. IRC Channel #deadleak (on hackint).
  • Super Mario Maker Bookmark: Nintendo making discovery of courses far more difficult. Now focused on manually archiving course data. IRC Channel #nintendone (on hackint).
  • Yahoo! Answers: This website, bought by Verizon, is the largest Q&A repository on the internet, but its answers to users' questions will be discarded on May 4, 2021. "What is Yahoo! Answers?" IRC Channel #noanswers (on hackint).

Hiatus / Missed the Mark

ArchiveTeam primarily uses the hackint IRC network – ircs:// (TLS required) – webchat: info ArchiveTeam also has some channels left on the EFnet IRC network – irc:// – webchat: info