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Notable people that have passed away due to an infection with SARS-CoV-2.


Name Age Country Date Comment URLs
Li, Wenliang 33 China 2020-02-07 Ophthalmologist, the first person to warn about the outbreak
Peralta, Marcelo 59 Spain 2020-03-10 Argentine saxophonist, pianist, composer and teacher
Bassi, Sergio 68 Italy 2020-03-16 Italian Folk singer-songwriter
Bathaie Golpayegani, Hashem 78 Iran 2020-03-16 Iranian Cleric and Member of Assembly of Experts (Iran)
Richelet, Henri 75 France 2020-03-18 Painter
Stanca, Antonio Michele 77 Italy 2020-03-19 Italian Geneticist
Colón i Doménech, Germà 91 Spain 2020-03-22 Spanish philologist of Romance philology and Catalan lexicology
Karslake, Paul Douglas Howard 65 United Kingdom 2020-03-23 Artist, primarily a painter
Makamba, Zororo 30 Zimbabwe 2020-03-23 Journalist, first infected death in Zimbabwe
Goma, Paul 84 France 2020-03-25 Romanian political dissident and writer
Sorkin, Michael 71 United States 2020-03-26 Architect, critic
Azulay, Daniel 72 Brazil 2020-03-27 Brazilian visual artist, comic book artist, educator
Devedjian, Patrick 75 France 2020-03-29 President of Hauts-de-Seine, former government minister
Diffie, Joe 61 United States 2020-03-29 American country music singer
Shimura, Ken 70 Japan 2020-03-29 Japanese actor, comedian
Jack, Andrew 76 United Kingdom 2020-03-31[1] Star Wars actor and dialect coach for dozens of movies
Roney, Wallace 59 United States 2020-03-31 Jazz trumpeter
Marsalis, Ellis, Jr. 85 United States 2020-04-01 Jazz pianist and educator
Bosworth, Patricia 86 United States 2020-04-02 Journalist, biographer, memoirist, actress
Giménez López, Juan Antonio 76 Argentina 2020-04-02 Argentine Comic book artist
Khalsa, Nirmal Singh 67 India 2020-04-02 Sikh Hazoori Ragi of Darbar Sahib, singer, music teacher
Glanzer, Robert E. (Bob) 74 United States 2020-04-03 Politician, member of the South Dakota House of Representatives
Benedict, Jay 68 United Kingdom 2020-04-04 American actor
Francfort, Patrick 63 France 2020-04-04 French drummer, member of the Gibson Brothers (French musical group)
Montgomery, Timothy Olan 56 United States 2020-04-04 Actor, artist
Thynn, Alexander George, 7th Marquess of Bath 87 United Kingdom 2020-04-04 English artistocrat, artist, author
Chaudenson, Robert 82 France 2020-04-07 French linguist
Frémontier, Jacques 89 France 2020-04-07 French journalist and television producer
Matthews, Roger 71 United Kingdom 2020-04-07 British criminologist, professor of criminology
Prine, John 73 United States 2020-04-07[2] Musician
Bagala, Reggie Paul 54 United States 2020-04-09 Politician, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives
Goldstein, Harvey 80 United Kingdom 2020-04-09 British statistician
Ho, Kam Ming 95 Canada 2020-04-09 Macanese-born Canadian martial artist
Smirnov, Dmitri Nikolaevich 71 United Kingdom 2020-04-09 Russian-born British composer
Chadirji, Rifat 93 United Kingdom 2020-04-10 Iraqi architect, photographer and activist
Conway, John Horton 82 United States 2020-04-11 English mathematician, popularly known for his Game of Life
Reed, Joel M. 86 United States 2020-04-12 Filmmaker and screenwriter
Cotino Ferrer, Juan Gabriel 70 Spain 2020-04-13 Politician, former Director General of the Police and President of the Corts Valencianes
Peters, Dennis Gail 82 United States 2020-04-13 Electrochemist
Grimes, Henry 84 United States 2020-04-15 Jazz bassist
Pfahl, John 81 United States 2020-04-15 Photographer
Sepúlveda Calfucura, Luis 70 Spain 2020-04-16 Chilean writer
Shay, Gene 85 United States 2020-04-17 Disc jockey, American radio personality
Alvarez, Heherson "Sonny" Turingan 80 Philippines 2020-04-20 Politician, former member of the House of Representatives and Senate
Pellen, Jacques 63 France 2020-04-21 French jazz guitarist, painter
Barnes, Robert "Bootsie" 82 United States 2020-04-22 American jazz saxophonist
Coimbra de Almeida Brennand, Ricardo 92 Brazil 2020-04-25 Businessman, art collector, founder of Ricardo Brennand Institute
Sneed, Troy Lenard, Jr. 52 United States 2020-04-27 Gospel musician
Soemprungsuk, Chavalit 80 Netherlands 2020-04-27 Thai painter, sculptor, printmaker
Lorente Castillo, África 65 Spain 2020-05-01 Moroccan-born Spanish politician and activist, former member of the Parliament of Catalonia (1984–1988)
Döngeloğlu, Ömer 51 Turkey 2020-05-03 Turkish theologian, writer, producer, TV presenter
Pessoa Mendes Corrêa, Ciro 62 Brazil 2020-05-05 Singer-songwriter
Chijioke, Benedict (Ty) 47 United Kingdom 2020-05-07 British rapper
Horn, Roy 75 United States 2020-05-08 Member of Siegfried & Roy, stage magician and lion tamer
Kremastinos, Dimitris 78 Greece 2020-05-08 Professor, cardiologist, former Member of Parliament
Tighe, Carl 70 United Kingdom 2020-05-08 British writer, academic, essayist, novelist, poet
Claude, Renée 80 Canada 2020-05-12 Singer and actress
Matkari, Ratnakar Ramkrushna 81 India 2020-05-17 Marathi writer, a movie and play producer/director
Bálint, György 100 Hungary 2020-05-21 Horticulturist, member of National Assembly (1994–1998)
Rinaldi, Nicholas 86 United States 2020-05-27 Poet and novelist
Goasguen, Claude 75 France 2020-05-28 French politician, member of the National Assembly for Paris from 1993 to 1995 and again from 1997 until his death in 2020)

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