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* https://courses.reacttraining.com/
* https://courses.reacttraining.com/
* https://cdb.reacttraining.com/
* https://cdb.reacttraining.com/
| Three Twins Ice Cream || United States || 2020-04-17 || Ceased all operations<ref>{{URL|https://www.facebook.com/threetwinsicecream/photos/a.476805516487/10157917152466488|"It is with sadness that I announce that Three Twins Ice Cream is ceasing operations as of Friday April 17, 2020."}}, Three Twins Ice Cream on Facebook, 2020-04-17</ref> ||
* https://threetwinsicecream.com/
* https://twitter.com/threetwins
* https://www.facebook.com/threetwinsicecream
* https://www.instagram.com/threetwinsicecream/
* https://www.pinterest.com/three_twins/

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Due to the sudden shift in the economy related to the Coronavirus, companies began shutting down or issuing huge layoffs - archiving their websites becomes a priority.

Company Country Date Comment URLs
Flybe United Kingdom 2020-03-05 Ceased all operations[1]
Purple Onion Catering United States 2020-03-13 Laid off "20 of her 48 staffers"[2]
Wayzata Home Products United States 2020-03-13 Shut down, laid off "141 local employees"[3]
Alamo Drafthouse United States 2020-03-16[4] All locations closed until further notice.[5]
Christie Lites United States 2020-03-17[6] Laid off "approximately 200 staff globally."[7]
Compasss Coffee United States 2020-03-17 Laid off "150 of its 189 employees, 80 percent of its staff"[8]
McMenamins United States 2020-03-17 Laid off "nearly 3,000 employees – almost everyone at the company".[9]

Individual shops:

Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group United States 2020-03-18 Laid off "3,000 people, 80% of its workforce."[10]
Paradigm Talent Agency United States 2020-03-20 Laid off "a hundred or more of its 600-plus employees" and "payroll will be reduced" for the rest of the employees[11]
Vapiano Germany (HQ), global (restaurants) 2020-03-20 Cash-flow insolvency[12][note 1]


React Training United States 2020-03-21 Laid off all full-time employees[13]
Three Twins Ice Cream United States 2020-04-17 Ceased all operations[14]
Virgin Australia Australia 2020-04-21 Went into voluntary administration[15]
Air Mauritius Mauritius 2020-04-22 Placed in voluntary administration[16]
Airport Lugano SA Switzerland 2020-04-23 Liquidation[17]


  1. It's not entirely clear which restaurants are affected exactly; a statement from Vapiano Switzerland states that only the parent Vapiano SE Deutschland with its own restaurants in Germany is insolvent but the Swiss restaurants are an independent licensee company of the franchise and not affected ("Statement des unabhängigen und selbstständigen Familienunternehmens Vapiano Deutschschweiz, agierend als VAP AG, in Bezug auf die Insolvenz der Vapiano SE Deutschland"[IAWcite.todayMemWeb], Vapiano Schweiz on Facebook, 2020-03-20), but the status in all other countries is unclear, with some being operated by subsidiaries majority-owned by Vapiano SE.


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