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CompuServe Forums
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CompuServe, a subordinary of AOL, was the first major commercial online service provider in the United States [1]. Their long-lived forums closed on 2017-12-15.


Dear Forum friends and family,

We regret to inform you that the Forums will be removed from the CompuServe service effective December 15, 2017. For more than two decades, the CompuServe Forums paved the way for online discussions on a wide variety of topics and we appreciate all of the participation and comments you have provided over the years.

All of your email, news, weather, sports, and entertainment information will remain available to you after this change. We are constantly evaluating the content and services that are available through the service, and look forward to bringing you new content and services in the future.

Sincerely, The CompuServe Team

Notice shows up on top of every individual forum.


In progress.

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Prospero Technologies

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ws-books ws-crforum ws-money ws-naic ws-sflit ws-tv ws-help ws-practice2 ws-bizcomputing ws-gadgetsgear ws-linuxforum ws-pchardware ws-viruscentral ws-winsupport ws-cchat ws-cooks ws-family ws-gardening ws-genealogy ws-sciencemath ws-fellowship ws-civilwar ws-jewish2 ws-pets ws-photography ws-religion ws-seniors ws-travel ws-democrat ws-newsforum ws-politics ws-republicans ws-japan

Message ID format

{thread ID}.{post ID}

Message IDs (from ws-books): sample from 1996: 39999.1, sample from 2017: 84180.1465

Complete sample URLs:

Thread IDs are not unique. For example, thread 4999 exists on both ws-japan and ws-bizcomputing (with different contents).

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Below post
"Messages 89781.2 through 89781.3 were moved to 89779.202"

In place of post
"Messages 89781.2 through 89781.3 were moved to 89779.202"
"Message 89781.3 was moved to89779.203"


There is a search function on each forum. It goes farther back than 2007, but does not include everything: searching for posts in the Writer's group from 1996 only returns one post while is missing.


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