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| image = Codeplex_201703312132.png
| image = Codeplex_201703312132.png
| description =  
| description =  
| URL = {{url|1=https://www.CodePlex.com|2=CodePlex}}
| URL = {{url|1=https://www.codeplex.com/|2=CodePlex}}<br />{{URL|https://archive.codeplex.com/|Archive}}
| project_status = {{closing}}
| project_status = {{closing}}
| archiving_status = {{notsavedyet}}
| archiving_status = {{upcoming}}
| irc = plexicode
| irc_network = hackint

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Codeplex 201703312132.png
URL CodePlex[IAWcite.todayMemWeb]
Status Closing
Archiving status Upcoming...
Archiving type Unknown
IRC channel #plexicode (on hackint)

CodePlex was a software repository owned by Microsoft. It hosted only open source software paired with an open source license.[1]

CodePlex allowed people to commit their code into a Git, Mercurial, or Team Foundation Server version control repository. It had a downloads section for people to upload their software packages, an issue tracker, documentation repository, and discussion forums.

The platform was shut down in 2017, but a read-only archive remained online. This self-archive will be shut down in July 2021.

Vital signs

The shutdown announcement was made on 31st March 2017 [2]. New project creation was disabled at the same time the shutdown announcement was published. On an unspecified date in October 2017 the site will be made read-only. Shutdown is scheduled for 15th December 2017.


After the 15th December 2017 shutdown date the announcement indicates that "lightweight archives" containing project source code, documentation, downloads, documentation, license, and issues as-of the date the site changed to read-only will be available. There is no planned date to stop hosting these archives.

The shutdown announcement indicates that project owners will be provided a tool to migrate their sites to Github. As of the announcement date the migration tool is "in the works".

Alex Mullans, a Microsoft Program Manager of the Visual Studio Team Services product, stated in a discussion on Hacker News [3] that project archives will be available for anyone to download (as opposed to being restricted to project owners). He further stated that for projects using the Git and Mercurial version control systems the ".git" and ".hg" folders would be included in the archive, so that full source code history would be preserved. For projects using the TFS version control system, however, the full history would not be included in the archive and only the code as-of the site being changed to read-only would be available.

In late January 2021[4], a banner was added to the archive website, announcing that the archive would be shut down in July 2021.


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  4. No date is mentioned in the notice, but the Wayback Machine snapshots indicate that it was added in the last week of January 2021.

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