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Essential Information

When adding an entry below please specify:

  • Plan name
    • the cost per hour or per month
    • RAM,
    • Hard drive
    • bandwidth
    • operating system options

Hosting Providers

  • - $5 a month for a small instance, 30gb traffic
    • GANDI also provides VPS with unmetered 10Mbps link and I can vouch that using at least 2/3 of this 24/7 gets no complaints. Billing is a big pain in the ass though, there's no way to auto-bill so you have to remember to fill your prepaid account. Troofmaster 14:57, 24 March 2013 (EDT)
  • Amazon EC2 - pricing
  • linode - $19.95 a month for a small plan, 2,000gb traffic


  • Smallest plan
    • $0.007 per hour
    • 512mb RAM
    • 20gb hard drive
    • 1 cpu core
    • 1tb transfer
  • Most Popular Plan
    • $0.015 per hour
    • 1gb RAM
    • 30gb hard drive
    • 1 cpu core
    • 2tb transfer
  • Unmetered BW
  • Supports launching new instances from an image
  • Coupon code "SSDTWEET" gives $11.15 account credit
  • Submit a support ticket to lift the standard 5 instance limit
  • API can launch instances


I've had good experiences running high-traffic, low-CPU jobs at Joyent due to the incredible 20TB/mo included (with a single account, last I checked, not per-instance). Troofmaster 14:57, 24 March 2013 (EDT)

  • Extra small Linux instance
    • $0.03 per hour
    • 512mb RAM
    • /dev/vda1 15gb hard drive (less than 9gb usable after OS & 3gb swap partition)
    • /dev/vdb1 /data/ 15gb free space
    • 1 cpu
  • Small Linux instance
    • $0.085 per hour
    • 1gb RAM
    • 30gb hard drive
    • 1 cpu
  • 20TB outbound per month free (and it's FAST)
  • Debian 6.x and Centos
  • No support for installing custom Linux distros
  • Cannot find a way to add more hard disk and RAM to a running instance.
  • The wiki is currently down :(
  • Some scripts on there site are just broken links :(


  • OpenVZ plan
    • $15/year
    • 128 MB RAM (burst to 256mb)
    • 15GB hard drive
    • 1 CPU
    • 500GB/month bandwidth
  • Burstable RAM is availible as long as there is capacity on the host node, which seems to be almost all the time
  • CentOS/Debian/Fedora/Ubuntu
  • OpenVZ means you can't change the kernel
  • Additional IP v4 addresses $1/month, but they probably won't let you cycle them to avoid bans
  • Additional bandwidth $2.50/month for 1TB extra with no maximum
  • Larger plans also available with similar pricing
  • Plans often go out of stock, especially the smaller ones
  • IRC support and information about stock in #Frantech on

I've so far had good experiences running Tor relays and other small jobs on the Micro VPSes with EDIS. Troofmaster 14:57, 24 March 2013 (EDT)

  • KVM VPS in many countries, including Iceland, Isle of Man ('offshore'), Sweden, Switzerland, Spain for those concerned about local privacy laws
  • Micro
    • €1.99/mo yearly
    • 128MB RAM, 1GB disk (with Debian, was plenty to run Yahoo Messages grab scripts)
    • 500GB/mo traffic
  • Smart
    • €3.99/mo yearly
    • 256MB RAM, 5GB disk
    • 1000GB/mo traffic