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Never out of beta.

The farewell email (source:

Dear Cinch.FM users,

It is with great sadness that I announce that we are shutting down the Cinch.FM service. While we continue to believe that easily creating audio content has an important place in the digital world, we just do not have the engineering and product resources to maintain the service while continuing to invest in our main property, BlogTalkRadio. We’d like to make the transition off of Cinch.FM as smooth as possible for you by providing the steps necessary for preserving your content. Effective August 20th, 2012, no new accounts can be created on Cinch.FM and for those of you with an existing Cinch.FM account, you will no longer be able to create new audio recordings.

Your existing content will remain online and available until October 20, 2012 – two months from the shut down date. Cinch.FM players that have been published on your blog or any other website will continue to function until that date. In addition, the RSS feed for your account will remain available for the same period.

If you would like to save any of your recordings, please log in to the Cinch.FM web site immediately and download your audio content. To download your content, you may login here. If you have a large volume of content that you would like to download, we recommend that you use the RSS feeds available in your account and a podcast client.

After October 20, 2012, your content will be permanently deleted, and we will not be able to retrieve it.

I know that many of you actively use the Cinch.FM service, but please know that this turn of events saddens us as well and we are truly sorry. We’re incredibly thankful for our Cinch.FM community of users.

Again thank you for being a Cinch.FM user.


Bob Charish, COO Cinch.FM

Site structure

Embed code:

<embed src=""
   menu="false" wmode="transparent"
   quality="high" name="299723"
   id="299723" width="300"
   height="200" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"

The embedded player loads an XML playlist file, which contains useful information about the track: . It links back to the user and, if applicable, the album that contains the track.

Tracks can have (one?) image, with a different ID/filename, e.g., . The URL is also visible in the playlist.xml.

Discovering items and users

Items are given an incremental number. The URL of an item contains the username of the owner, but this is not checked: it can be any other user. If you replace the number, e.g., instead of, you'll get a page that contains the real username of the owner of that item. The URL redirects to back to the user's page if the item ID does not exist.

Perhaps even better: use the embedded player playlist file to discover the information.

The ID sequence an be followed here:


The sitemap files, starting at, provides a rather useful list of (all?) tracks and users on the site.