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Bandcamp is a very popular site for independent musical artists to post their music, for purchase and free streaming. It was founded in 2007, and has made money since 2012. It's not in evident danger right now, but it would still be good to grab the metadata, so if/when it is in danger, we can more efficiently buy single copies of as many different tracks as possible.

The full list of artists can be found by paging thru the (currently 3,581) pages of . Each artist has a subdomain, like with up to three subpages: /music, /merch, and /community.

Each album has a separate URL, like which displays (and allows streaming of) the whole album, as well as containing metadata about the album. Each track also has a separate URL, like which allows streaming of the individual track, and may have extra information about, including lyrics. If an artist only has one album, /music redirects to /releases, which is an alias for the artist's most recently released album.

Full size album covers are linked from the album and track pages, and hosted at, for example (the number after the dash can be changed to return different sizes of the image).