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BNK48 is a Thai idol group and the third international sister group of the Japanese idol group AKB48, based in Bangkok, Thailand. Their main language is Thai.

Due to the group is an AKB48 sister group, and some fans' loyalty to a member or the group (ones may do a copyright report), the group's non-music contents are also can be blatantly copyrighted contents.

Official sites

Members that have "graduated"

All BNK48 members has her BNK48-Official Facebook and Instagram accounts. Like its sister group, the leaving of the group is known as "graduation". When she "graduated", her BNK48-Official accounts are disabled or renamed, and all contents of her (as a BNK48 member) in them are deleted, as a process of "graduating". Luckily, (almost) all graduatings are announced before her "graduate" date.

Name Date Comment URLs before graduated
Watsamon Phongwanit (Kidcat) 2017-09-23
Irada Tavachphongsri (Cincin) 2017-11-18
Christin Larsen (Namhom) 2018-02-12
Jetsupa Kruetang (Jan) 2018-02-28 She moved to INCENT Co., Ltd. (Japan) [2]
Nayika Srinian (Can) 2018-08-26
Mesa Chinavicharana (Maysa) 2018-10-21
Pimnipa Tungsakul (Deenee) 2019-08-02
Nawaporn Chansuk (Cake) 2019-09-27
Maira Kuyama 2019-12-07
Dusita Kitisarakulchai (Natherine) 2020-02-16
Natcha Krisdhasima (Oom) 2020-02-16
Mananya Kaoju (Nink) 2020-02-16

Vital Signs (of the group)

Stable, probably not going anywhere too soon without warning.


See also

  • CGM48, a BKB48's sister group