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BBC Mixital
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Project status Offline
Archiving status Partially saved
Project source Unknown
Project tracker Unknown
IRC channel #missitall (on hackint)
Project lead Orldow6

BBC Mixital was a site allowing users to create their own games, cartoons, music videos and stories. Often, but not always, these creations would be themed around a BBC television property (for example, the section for Dr Who fan-fiction).

In April 2019 the BBC announced that Mixital was to be closed, citing "We’ve learned a number of valuable lessons that we’ll share internally and with partners, but we feel the time is right to take these lessons and explore how we might apply them in other ways online."[1]

From April 2019 the ability to publish new creations on the website has been removed. New users were also unable to create an account. The content remained online until April 2020 when it "will no longer be publicly available".[1] It disappeared sometime between April 1 AM and April 2 AM (UTC+1 time).[2]

Discovery and API

In the shutdown announcement, the BBC stated that Mixital contains "more than one million ... creations".[3]

Please Note: digitalmake's seem to only be indexed by upload order, there is no guarantee that a specific upload will be for a particular app the Channels bellow provides a list of possible content you might come across.

Range of Content

The type of content on Mixital varies wildly. Some items, such as fanfiction will likely be fairly simple to archive. Other content, such as the dancing robots will likely require effort to reverse engineer the JavaScript and requests used to make the creation "work".

It should also be noted that most of these communities also contain blog-style articles, usually providing writing advice such as can be seen here.


Mixital is split into about 20 or so "channels" each with their own content-creation interface.

BBC Young Reporter - Video Reports

Available at

"Find your voice with BBC Young Reporter! If you're aged between 11-18 years old, make and share the stories that matter to you! Learn how to make your film and upload it here"

BBC Young Reporter - Written Reports

Written reports for the BBC Young Reporter program.

BBC Young Reporter - Images

JPEG images for the BBC Young Reporter program.

BBC The Social

Short scripts/scenarios for creative writing.

BBC Introducing: Vizii

Status: Saved! AB ViewerWARC

A fun tool for adding visuals (hence the name Vizii) to songs. Users can also edit the song they're currently listening to, although export or "remixing" are no longer possible as new accounts can't be opened. That being said it's possible to play around and screen-cap for anyone willing to document this.

Ten Pieces: SuperConductor

Status: Saved! AB ViewerWARC

An "expansion pack" for Vizii with different art assets to choose from. Other features appear to be more or less identical.

Doctor Who: FanFiction

Doctor Who fan fiction.

Class: FanFiction

Class (BBC, 2016 series) fan fiction.

Jane Austen: Fan Fiction

Fan fiction based on the characters of 18th-19th century author Jane Austen.

Magical Worlds With Harry Potter

Harry Potter fan fiction.

Writersroom:The Script Gym

Short scripts/scenarios for creative writing, similar to The Social, except seemingly meant for older audiences.

Contains: FLANEUR

FLANEUR or the Fabulous Literary Automated Numerical Engine for Unlimited Roaming generates a random sequence of instructions/directions to send the user off on a journey. The idea is to then write something based on emotions invoked by the sights the user has come across on this journey.

BBC Three Top Ten Comedy Kit

Status: Saved!

A drag-and-drop comic maker. Inspired by the aptly named BBC Three web-series "Top Ten" users can drag figures and dialogue boxes to create slide-show cartoons.

EastEnders: Soap Factory

Status: Saved! AB ViewerWARC

Make East-Enders stories similar to Episode. A drag-and-drop comic maker much like Top Ten Comedy Kit, users can drag figures and dialogue boxes to create slide-show cartoons.

Wolf Jenkins StoryTeller

Status: Saved! AB ViewerWARC

Another drag-and-drop comic maker. Inspired by the aptly named Wolf Jenkins web-series, users can drag figures and dialogue boxes to create slide-show cartoons.

A.Dot's Trashbag Tuesday

Status: Saved! AB ViewerWARC

Amplify Dot's Trashbag Tuesday is yet another drag-and-drop comic maker much like the Top Ten Comedy Kit and in terms of features and layout appears to be the latest edition. Users can drag figures and dialogue boxes to create slide-show cartoons.

Big Painting Challenge

Status: Saved!

Artwork. JPEG images for the Big Painting Challenge.

Fortysix: Bring Ideas to life

Prototype designs and mock-ups. JPEG images for "Accelerate Your Idea"

Gold Rush Game Maker

An HTML5 game with a level editor. A top-down shooter where levels can have a number of objectives (i.e. collecting keys, reaching a score, defeating all enemies to win etc.).

Strictly: Robo-Dancers

Pick a robot and give it a rag-doll dance. A rag-doll animator, inspired by the BBC's Strictly. Design rag-doll robots and animate them to dance.


A Story from A.Dot's Trashbag Tuesday, exported as a gif
A Story from A.Dot's Trashbag Tuesday, exported using the "Comic Exporter" which exports it as a jpeg


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