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BBC Mixital
BBC Mixital logo
Project status Closing
Archiving status Not saved yet
Project source Unknown
Project tracker Unknown
IRC channel #missitall (on hackint)
Project lead Unknown

BBC Mixital was a site allowing users to create their own games, cartoons, music videos and stories. Often, but not always, these creations would be themed around a BBC television property (for example, the section for Dr Who fan-fiction).

In April 2019 the BBC announced that Mixital was to be closed, citing "We’ve learned a number of valuable lessons that we’ll share internally and with partners, but we feel the time is right to take these lessons and explore how we might apply them in other ways online."[1]

From April 2019 the ability to publish new creations on the website has been removed. New users are also unable to create an account. THe content will remain online until April 2020 when it "will no longer be publicly available".[1]

Discovery and API

In the shutdown announcement, the BBC stated that Mixital contains "more than one million ... creations".[2]

Range of Content

The type of content on Mixital varies wildly. Some items, such as fanfiction will likely be fairly simple to archive. Other content, such as the dancing robots will likely require effort to reverse engineer the JavaScript and requests used to make the creation "work".


Mixital is split into about 20 or so "channels" each with their own content-creation interface.

BBC Young Reporter - Video Reports

Available at

Description: "Find your voice with BBC Young Reporter! If you're aged between 11-18 years old, make and share the stories that matter to you! Learn how to make your film and upload it here"


A small page with an amateur video news report, a description, video uploader and view count.

Videos are publicly accessible both from the page they're posted on but also by direct URL:{uploader-id}/57/DD-Mmm-YYYY/HH-MM-SS/media.mp4


Note: Some pages might be missing their videos.

BBC Young Reporter - Written Reports

BBC Young Reporter - Images

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