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IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is an internet protocol that allows multiple users to connect to a server and chat. Each IRC "server" can be connected to by a person, then someone joins a "channel" with the particular subject they are interested in.

The ArchiveTeam uses IRC as it's one-stop shop for coordinating official and unofficial AT projects.

You can log the channels where you are using your client, generally. But if you want a 24/7 bot logging your channel, you can use a script like this (change the server and channel variables).

ArchiveTeam on IRC

Below are a list of the IRC channels the ArchiveTeam uses to control all it's projects, in no particular order. All these channels are on the EFNet network.

Channel name Channel hashtag Channel description Status
In use channels
Archive Team #archiveteam The main channel of the ArchiveTeam, mainly used for news and such.
AT Chat #atchat A few random people talking about a few, random, offtopic things.
ArchiveMeme #archivememe An unofficial fan channel started by BlueMax.
Currently active projects
BashUp #bashup The ArchiveTeam Quote Backup Project, dedicated to backing up quote databases (such as and similar websites (similar to FMyLife or MyLifeIsAverage). Active
Forever Alone #foreveralone The Friendster backup project. Active
Google Grape #googlegrape Main channel for coordinating the Google Video project. Semi-Active
BOINC Google #boincgoogle Sub-channel for the Google Video project, for details about running the distributed-download software Semi-Active
Currently idle or complete projects
FlickrFckr #flickrfckr The Flickr backup project of the Archive Team. Not needed just yet, but it's a Yahoo owned service, so we're always prepped. Idle
Archive Commandos #archivecommandos Idle
WikiTeam #wikiteam The Wiki backup project. Any wiki can be backed up here. Idle
ProdigalSon #prodigalson The backup project for Idle
ArchiveBox #archivebox The project started by jch to provide a virtual machine that can download ArchiveTeam projects with predetermined scripts and tools. Idle
GetMUD #getmud The multi-user-dungeon backup project of the Archive Team. Currently no progress as of yet. Idle
URLTeam #urlteam The URL shortener backup project of the ArchiveTeam. To quote: "URL shortening = fucking bad idea" Idle
Space Invaders #spaceinvaders The Windows Live Spaces backup project. Idle