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This page lists domains owned by the Archive Team and volunteers for Archive Team work.

Hosts the Archive Team wiki. This documents information about the projects and sites.

redirects to the Archive Team wiki.

Hosts an official wiki for the Internet Archive and related projects.

Hosts the tracker for the IA.BAK project.

Contains the trackers for many warrior projects.

Hosts a wiki documenting file formats.

Redirects to the fileformats wiki.

Shows the locations of trackers for projects.


A file-sharing site running It can be used to run ArchiveBot on a large list of URLs by uploading a text document to it with a URL on each line. Files can be up to 500 megabytes and are automatically deleted after a day.

A Grafana instance hosted by Fusl that shows an alternative tracker for projects.

Website by chfoo that allows you to browse ArchiveBot jobs and IRC from EFnet.

Hosts IRC logs for channels on Hackint.

Hosts an realtime interface for ArchiveBot jobs.

embeds the content from the same page on

shows the same as

Hosts the same content as /pipelines on ArchiveBot domains.

shorturl for the URLTeam project.

A Hungarian website dedicated to ArchiveTeam-related information and services, run by user bzc6p. Provides easy access to URLs of some already disappeared Hungarian websites archived but not ingested into the Wayback Machine. A semi-automatic YouTube video archiving service is in the making.