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Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ)

Andrej Plenković

Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP)

Croatian Sovereignists (HS)

Croatian Growth (Hrast)

Croatian Conservative Party (HKS)

Croatian Party of Rights Dr. Ante Starčević (HSP AS) | note = Not found as of 2019 June 01 - 17:38 UTC

United Croatian Patriots (UHP)

Živi zid (ŽZ)

Amsterdam Coalition (A)

Croatian Peasant Party (HSS)

Civic Liberal Alliance (GLAS)

Istrian Democratic Assembly (IDS)

Croatian Party of Pensioners (HSU)

Alliance of Primorje-Gorski Kotar (PGS)

Democrats (D)

Croatian Labourists (HL)

Bridge of Independent Lists (Most)

Independents for Croatia–Croatian Party of Rights (NHR–HSP)

Independent Democratic Serb Party (SDSS)

Croatian People's Party – Liberal Democrats (HNS–LD)

Party of Anti-corruption, Development and Transparency (Start)

Bandić Milan 365 - Labour and Solidarity Party (BM 365)