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== Reiwa Shinsengumi ==
== Reiwa Shinsengumi ==

* [https://www.reiwa-shinsengumi.com https://www.reiwa-shinsengumi.com]
* [https://www.reiwa-shinsengumi.com www.reiwa-shinsengumi.com]
* Facebook: reiwa.shinsengumi
* Facebook: reiwa.shinsengumi
* Twitter: reiwashinsen
* Twitter: reiwashinsen
* Instagram: reiwashinsengumi
* Instagram: reiwashinsengumi
== The Party to Protect the People from NHK ==
* [http://www.nhkkara.jp/ www.nhkkara.jp]
* Facebook: atinhk

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National Diet

Liberal Democratic

  • www.jimin.jp
  • special.jimin.jp (Likely to be special page for this election)
  • Facebook: @jimin.official
  • Twitter: @jimin_koho
  • Instagram: jimin.jp


Constitutional Democratic

Communist Party

Nippon Ishin no Kai

  • o-ishin.jp
  • Facebook: nipponishinnokai
  • Twitter: osaka_ishin

Democratic Party for the People

  • www.dpfp.or.jp
  • Facebook: Democratic.party.for.the.people
  • Twitter: DPFPnews
  • Instagram: dpfp2018

Liberal Party

Kibō no Tō

  • kibounotou.jp
  • Facebook: kibounotou
  • Twitter: kibounotou
  • Instagram: kibouno.tou

Social Democratic Party

Assembly to Energize Japan

Okinawa Social Mass Party

  • From the English Wikipedia: "(This) party is active but the web page is under renewal and cybersquatting."

Reiwa Shinsengumi

The Party to Protect the People from NHK