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Status Online!
Archiving status In progress...
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Project source ancestry-grab
Project tracker ancestry
IRC channel #ancienthistory (on hackint) is shutting down its four genealogy-themed websites in September 2014.

Shutdown, Thursday, June 5, 2014:

" announced this morning at 10:00 MT that it is retiring several of its websites. The websites are

  • is trying to soften the blow of these shutdowns. Users will be told the retirement timeline and how to export their data."


Note: we are saving four websites (and their many sub-domains) that are *owned* by and which are being sunsetted. itself doesn't look like it's going anywhere right now.

How can I help?

Running a Warrior

You can start up a Warrior and there select Ancestry. (If you don't really care what you are archiving, select ArchiveTeam's Choice instead, as at some points ArchiveTeam may priorize another project.)

Running the script manually

If you use Linux and you're a bit familiar with it, you can try running the script directly.

The instructions are the same as those for verizon-grab, but, of course, you have to replace all occurences of "verizon-grab" with "ancestry-grab".

The number after --concurrent determines how many threads run at the same time. You can increase this number if your resources (RAM, CPU, bandwidth) are sufficient. However, if you see limiting messages, there is no need to increase the concurrency.

If you want to stop the script, please do it softly if possible. To do so, create an empty file named STOP in the folder of the script (terminal command: touch STOP). The script finishes the current item(s) and stops only after that. (If you kill the script immediately, the items get broken, and they will need to be reassigned to another user.) – Before starting the script again, don't forget to remove the STOP file.

Joining us on IRC

Either you run the Warrior or the script, you should join our IRC channel #ancienthistory to catch the latest news about the project and its progress, and there you can also put questions if something doesn't work. You can use the web interface at, or if you use a standalone IRC client, connect to irc://

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