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99.se logo
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Front page of 99.se
URL https://www.99.se/
Project status Closing
Archiving status Saved!
Project source Unknown
Project tracker Unknown
IRC channel #archiveteam (on EFnet)
Project lead User:JustAnotherArchivist

99.se, also known as Nittinio (Swedish for ninety-nine), is "Scandinavia's largest and oldest Apple forum"[1]. As of 2019-04-30, it has just over 150k threads and about 1.44 million posts, the oldest ones being from April 2002. It will shut down on 2019-05-01[2].


Everything except the forum threads and user profiles was archived through ArchiveBot in two jobs: job:c3aq9j15dl0yprf1eyepeifaf with off-site links and job:88bc6avu0utq7o3gq43ujip8p without.

User:JustAnotherArchivist archived the forum threads (including both the thread URLs /forum/t/1234-slug and the post URLs /forum/p/1234) and user profiles using qwarc. Data to be uploaded to the Internet Archive.

Attachments and external images in the forums as well as user avatars were extracted from the qwarc crawl and archived through a series of ArchiveBot jobs: