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4chan is said to be one of the most culturally significant and "interesting" websites in existence. And it holds that reputation well.

It would be a ridiculous task to archive the entirety of 4chan, and the community usually frowns upon saving culture just as Ancient Greeks were skeptical of written works; however, there is no question


Status: DEAD

4chan's primary archive site. Since 2006, significant 4chan threads have been archived on the 4chanarchive, creating a database of over 500GBs.

On 10/3/2012, Chanarchive shut down permanently without warning. On a 4chan thread, the owner stated that the site was banned from paypal and had their funds frozen, making it impossible to pay it's massive expenses.

The owner is amenable to making backups available for other anons to continue on, but nothing has surfaced as of yet.

Fuuka-based Archivers

Fuuka is a special imageboard backend that allows servers to archive entire boards on 4chan.

Foolz Verbatim 4chan Board Archive

Status: Online

The Foolz archive is the latest incarnation of a constant effort to archive entire 4chan boards, 24/7. This has not always gone smoothly; the archives on Foolz descend from another Fuuka-based archiver that went down and nearly lost all their threads.

It would be a good idea to persuade them to


Status: Online

A Fuuka archiver for 4chan's /tg/.

List of Fuuka Archivers by board


  • /a/
    • foolz.us
  • /tg/

Bibliotheca Anonoma

Site: https://github.com/bibanon/bibanon/wiki Status: Online

A wiki designed to save the greatest treasures from around the internet. It strives to provide an index to the above archives to assess their value and display great works to the public. Because what good is a massive mess of information without a guide?