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iTunes U
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In May 2007, Apple announced the launch of iTunes U via the iTunes Store, which delivers university lectures from top U.S. colleges. With iTunes version 12.7 in August 2017, iTunes U collections became a part of the Podcasts app.

On 2020-06-10, Apple formally announced that iTunes U will be discontinued from the end of 2021 [1].


There are three main branches of iTunes U:

  • Beyond Campus
  • K12
  • University

Each branch has a list of institutions, and each institution can have many courses. It is common for courses in the same institution to share files with other courses in the same institution.


The following URL can garner more meta details for organizing, this is the URL used by iTunes U app but requires you to subscribe to the course, then use the cookie to request and get the meta.{COURSE_GUID}

User Agent

In some cases if you want to pull data from iTunes links, you can set the following user agent in your request.

User-Agent: iTunesU/3.8 iOS/13.3 model/iPad6,7 hwp/s8001 build/17C54 (5; dt:111) iTunesU/3.8

Archiving Status

Each upload contains a meta file meta.json for the course, which contains all the meta for the course description, file descriptions and course content.

Beyond Campus



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