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Zapd is like Tumblr, in that it makes making pretty websites super easy, but Zapd does all its web building magic from your iPhone.”


The News

Fast-growing RealSelf gobbles up Zapd, names Kelly Smith chief experience officer

September 11, 2013 at 8:26 am by John Cook

You could call this an “acquihire.” But, in this case, it’s really just about grabbing the talents of one person.

RealSelf is buying Pressplane, the parent company of Zapd, picking up the skills of experienced entrepreneur and designer Kelly Smith in the process. Zapd will be shut down at the end of the month, though some of the technology will be carried over to RealSelf, which is building what it dubs the world’s largest community of cosmetic surgery, dermatology and dentistry.[1]

The Email

September 28, 2013

Zapd has been acquired!

The Zapd service will be discontinued on October 7, 2013

Today I wanted to share that Zapd has been acquired by RealSelf. RealSelf is the leading online resource for elective cosmetic medical procedures. As the new Chief Experience Designer, I'll be leveraging everything we learned at Zapd to help build a better mobile engagement experience. The Zapd website and mobile apps will stay up until October 7, 2013 and then will be shutting down.[2]

Site structure

  • All content is served via javascript, with js disabled you just get an empty template.
  • They have a url shortener
  • url scheme is, #[a-z], #[a-z][a-z], or [a-z]
  • Had 350k app downloads in 2011. At worst they have 500,000 users.
  • No API