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This page is under construction! Well, yeah, a wiki page is always under construction, but this page is really not ready yet.

What you see here shouldn't be considered an official ArchiveTeam page with official ArchiveTeam content. Both the content and the style may be under construction or debate.

Come back later, or if you have something to add or note, use the talk page or the IRC. was a website for hosting , which are small JavaScript programs and applets made by individuals, similar to Browser Add-Ons, to modify the appearance of a webpage, customize colours and layouts, adding features and various enhancements, or automatically save pages into the Wayback Machine[1].

The website went offline on 20140506[2]. Some mirrors of the website such as and appeared to host mirrored copies of, but some information from the original website such as revision histories of user scripts has not been captured and is lost.


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