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How can I help?

See Who We Are, Deathwatch, and Category:Projects_status

Is there a backup of the data on the website? If so where can I download it?

Two sets of backups of this wiki are available. There are backups done by the hosting provider (several, going back days and weeks as well as hours), which use the storage capability of the shared hosting to keep them automatically (no tape or disk backups being done as most people would think of them). There are similarly copies of the database kept going back months.

Additionally, an XML dump of the Mediawiki database (which can be imported into any MediaWiki software) is accessible at New backups are currently pushed out once a week (and will be increased if changes on the site require it). All images are also wrapped into a images.tar.gz file, although our entire images directory is available at

Is there a mirror of the website?

There are no mirrors we know of, although we encourage our more paranoid or protective readers to maintain one based on the above dumps.

There is a backup from August 03, 2011 available. The main things that are not included are: Site history, Edit & source of the pages, Special pages and other minor links. (See "Not Crawled.txt") Click here to download.

How should I go about backing things up?

See Backup Tips